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Our Children’s classes are a great way for your child to learn and have fun. We don’t insist on wearing a specify uniform, and welcome parents to watch. In fact we do everything we can to make dancing an enjoyable, energetic and positive experience for your little one. Our classes are a great way to increase child interaction, with a fantastic team of teachers who know how to get the best from each age group.

Over the years our children’s classes have produced champions, as well as professional teachers…and a great deal of happy children with dance as a hobby.

We’ve been established for over 40 years, operate out of a full time dance centre. We are insured, DBS checked and qualified. But that should be expected! What we are most proud of is that the children that dance with us love their dance classes and feel a part of something- a big dance family! Our teachers fill the rooms with energy, and every child walks away with a smile.

Not sure which style your little one would take too?

We don’t make you choose! For us dancing from a young age is all about having fun, building confidence along with co-ordination, getting some exercise, meeting new friends and finding a new happy place. From age 11 upwards our young students learn ballroom, latin, freestyle and street and do have the option specialise. Any younger than that and they do a combination called Dance Fusion!

Dance Fusion classes are really upbeat and energetic and cover freestyle (think pop music) and a little latin (think Strictly for beginners!). Adding musical theatre into the mix completes what we feel is the perfect all round dance class…building confidence in our little dancers and giving them the perfect dance foundation.


Drapers Dance, High Street, Beighton, Sheffield S20 1ED
Saturday, time depending on age and dance style
Ages 11+

For children over 11, we have an excellent range of classes in Ballroom, Latin, Commercial and Street which work towards 6 monthly exams with the IDTA. Whilst still lots of fun, these classes work to the ability of the child, making them perfect for those who enjoy a Saturday hobby, and those who really want to excel in the world of dance.

£7 per session (paid by direct debit every month)

Dance Fusion

Drapers Dance, High Street, Beighton, Sheffield S20 1ED
Saturday, time depending on age
Ages 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10

For the younger classes, we start with a few simple styles (Cha Cha/Street) and widen their range of dances as they grow. Our DanceFusion classes cover everything from Ballroom & Latin to Freestyle, Street and Musical Theatre and are a great way to introduce your child to different dance skills, build confidence and social skills, as well as being a fun way to exercise.

Our classes start at age 3, with groups continuing right through to eleven. Children have the opportunity to take medals with the IDTA 6 monthly, as well as performing for parents and relatives at presentation days, Galas and Fundays.

£7 per session (paid by direct debit every month)

Didi Dance

Drapers Dance, High Street, Beighton, Sheffield S20 1ED
Saturday, 10:10am
Ages 18-36 Months

Didi Dancers classes are the perfect introduction to dance and movement for little girls and boys age 18 months upwards. The joys of dancing and movement are shared by teacher, parent and toddler as together they join us each week for a fun filled toddler class.

£4 per session (paid by direct debit every month)

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not have a strict dress code so normal casual clothes and sensible footwear is fine. Dance shoes can be purchased through the dance centre and although these are optional at first.
We encourage parents of younger children to watch classes. It benefits the children as they often feel more comfortable knowing that a family member is close by and gives a lovely atmosphere to the classes. Please be aware that only one adult per child will be able to sit in the ballroom and watch (to give us maximum space and little noise disruption), and any other adults will be asked to stay in the waiting areas.
We generally close for one or sometimes two Saturdays over the Christmas period, and of course these classes are not charged for. We remain open every other Saturday of the year.
Yes, your place in class is dependent on payments being made on a 4 weekly basis. Missed weeks still remain chargeable.
Yes, we prepare the children for 6 monthly IDTA medal tests. These are optional, but all classes prepare for them before they consider moving to the next level. We also often enjoy dancing at Beighton Gala in July for fun and a chance to perform. Both these events require uniform, which consists of a Drapers T-shirt which can be purchased nearer the time from the studio.
Just let us know if classes aren’t for you and your payment will be cancelled at the end of the current 4 week block, no problem!

Register for a Taster Session

Register for a Taster Session